Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting Happy at a High Altitude

Winters in Utah can be a total drag. Not just because they last through May, but also because the nasty inversion that seems to get worse every year. (Be part of the solution HERE.) But did you know feeling blue amid the winter white can actually be blamed on our high altitude?

In this well researched article from my favorite local magazine, Catalyst, researchers point out that Utahns are prone to a depression-causing condition called hypoxia, where, basically, your brain becomes deprived of essential fuel like oxygen, and creatine. Creatine? Like the stuff your boyfriend slams down before hitting the gym? The stuff that gives you a blast of energy, while its annoyingly meathead-y canisters promise an increase in lean muscle? 


The article says that our brains actually already make creatine - which reportedly is as essential to your feel-goods as serotonin and dopamine - but that hypoxia restricts your body's ability to access it. So, the study suggests supplementing your daily vitamins with creatine. (Ask your doctor what kind to get!)

I have been trying it out - I put half of the daily amount in my morning smoothie, then half in a cup of tea later in the day to ensure absorption - and I am ALL for it, to the point where I took some over to my mom and sisters and preached to them all about it! You see, I don't just have sustained energy - not the euphoria-now, crash-later sort of stuff - but I also feel a stabilizing of my mood! It seems ever since I had postpartum depression, I have been prone to more dips in my cheerfulness, and this is just what I needed to even me out. I feel like before, if something unexpected came up, I would get super stressed and bummed out. Now, I feel like  I can take a deep breath and see the positive side more often.  

Oh, and remember to ski. Who's ever been sad doing that winter sport?

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  1. I prefer natural food then using supplements. This is really good article on it and research is very useful for me. Thank you for sharing it with us