Thursday, July 25, 2013

HALLELUJAH! I Found the PERFECT Natural Deodorant!

My years-long quest for a natural (aluminum- and propylene glycol-free) deodorant has caused heartache, pain, and a two-foot buffer between my husband and I. So I am praising the heavens for my recent discovery of THAI CRYSTAL.

The stuff is cheap ($6, Whole Foods) and has literally one ingredient: Mineral salts. Wet your armpits a bit and rub the salt-lick rock on 'em, and your odor will be neutralized ALL DAY LONG (and it dries instantly). It truly lasts up to its 24-hour promise! Even in triple-digit temps, you'll be B.O.-free! My husband can vouch, and he has a highly discerning nose.

So, everybody, may I present, the straight-up LORD of natural deodorants! Cheers to the odor-free years ahead!

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