Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Hold the Key to Your 'Next Level.'

I did something BIG this week. Over the past 6 days, I brought to fruition a time-intensive, research-laden, I-can't-believe-I-actually-did-it project. This, while working two jobs, being sick for 2 of those days, attending to a slew of baby showers and personal obligations. Well, I knew this was something I had to complete in order to GROW. It was a wish I had taken action on to create, and now that it was here, I just couldn't turn my back on it (as much as my mind chatter told me I wanted to). So I picked up the phone, ignited my email fingers, and squeezed water out of rocks to make time in my schedule. And the result:

That's right. No money. No fame. No recognition (except from my ridiculously supportive husband who too often has to convince me that I already possess all the qualities I need to succeed). I'm just proud I DID IT.

I committed to something. Grew myself. Learned. Endured. Made it happen when I didn't think at first, that it would. Surprised myself. Taught myself this valuable lesson:


If you're stuck in a rut, sometimes there's no easy fix. Sometimes the only way out is to get your Carhartts on and work your way out of it. GROW your way out of it.

Learn something new, take on a new project, do something you've only dreamed of doing but have been too scared to try. From writing that first chapter, to taking that online class, to making a PowerPoint for your boss...put that bored brain to use, and trust me, even if you don't get any reward or praise, the inevitable feeling of self-confidence and true pride in yourself is valuable enough to make it worth it.

And don't be surprised if it ushers you into your next phase of being. :)

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