Sunday, February 3, 2013

Progressing Yoga Practice.

Yoga is pretty much my life right now. I've practiced every day...or rather, in the evenings, the candlelight flickering in my dark living room...for the past week, and it feels so good. It's so true that with practice, improvement is simply inevitable. I remember before I got really into it, the "crane" position was a figment of my imagination. But just by trying it, and yes, falling on my face sometimes (it really doesn't hurt that bad), I can now do it, and hold it, with a fair amount of ease. And I honestly didn't try practice that hard.

Crane or crow pose (the bottom is super-advanced style)
A lot of this ambition comes from my position with Yoga For People. I've been fortunate to study under its founder, Santosh Maknikar, for the past, i don't know, year or so. Now, I have a practice that not only serves me well, but also allows me to spread my "yoga truth" as community service. I feel strongly that by sharing my practice with others - whether it's through a volunteer class at the Road Home, or a one-on-one with someone in my family (had a blast exchanging moves with my sister yesterday) - the world becomes a better place by feeling yoga's benefits. More on that in this blog.

I'm feeling the benefits, too, and not just for my heart (like this new study suggests). My mind is clearer, it's easier to stay PRESENT, and my priorities are slowly but surely, shifting into focus.

As my practice advances, so have my opportunities to teach. Starting in March, I will teach three times a week at SLC's donation-based yoga center (located within the Krishna Temple). Also, my yoga as community service will grow beyond the Road Home, and include several classes at SLC's City Library. I will keep you updated on the dates and times, because I would love nothing more than to share an hour of love with you!!

Another beautiful thing I've learned about yoga is that you can use certain poses to enhance certain areas in your life. For example, if you are stressed and high-strung, do a sequence of floor or feet-to-the-floor poses to ground you. If you need to boost your motivation, try sky- or forward-reaching poses. And if you feel like you need more focus, hold poses for longer, or try poses that require more attention (like balancing stick). I've tried all of these this week, and am amazed at how by just doing this mind-body association, I now incorporate all of these characteristics!

Being present on your mat can help you be present in real life.
Anyway, I'm so excited about where my yoga path - which started four years ago with a class at 24 Hour Fitness, advancing into months of hardcore Bikram, finally leading me to the Yoga for People board - is taking me, and that in the near future, I will get to walk along this wonderful road with you.

Waheguru! (similar to Namastepraise the divine light within you)

****Also, folks, if you'd like to donate your old yoga mat, or need to borrow one, please contact me right away! :)

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