Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Plans? Ending to Violence Toward Women.

1 in 3 women experience rape or beatings in their lifetime, according to One Billion Rising, the "biggest mass global movement" in raising awareness about the treatment of women across the globe.

And thanks to a strong, passionate Utahn named Ruth Arevalo, One Billion Rising spread to Utah. Known for its Valentine's Day, world-wide flash mobs, OBR invites people to take a look at the reality of what women face all over the globe. Ruth told me about this cause, and the statistics, and fueled even further by my own experiences, and those of family and friends - not to mention all the anti-feminist legislation swirling around the politisphere - I felt now is the right time to "rise." So Ruth took my story, and wove it together with other Utah voices.

You can read it HERE.

I also felt compelled to join in the flash mob (even now, I can't believe I did a FLASH MOB!). One of my best friends, Stephanie, offered to come with me, and even on Valentine's Day, her sweet fiance Chris sacrificed his candlelight dinner to tag along and support (and film!) our movement. It was a beautiful feeling to be joined together in peaceful protest of violence towards women, and show the world we are creatures of love who demand nothing but that in return. What more touching Valentine's Day message is there than that? :)

Check out the video!

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