Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cosmopolitan? Don't Mind if I Do.

Embarrassed to say, I got hooked for a day.
It's happy hour for me.

It's been happy hour for the past week. I feel a renewed sense of purpose, and I feel like I'm getting back to my true self. Crazy how little things, big things, downright traumatic things - can get you a little sidetracked. But those moments have a place in life, and it's to remind you to ask yourself, am I still pursuing my dreams? Living my purpose?

I feel like I am doing that right now. And, I've gotta admit, I'm feeling a little more L.A. then Green Acres. Yes, I'm still an organic freak, but I do so love the call of the wild, and by that, I mean a life lived BIGGER. No limits.

Doesn't help that today, in the half-hours sandwiching my workout, I got stuck on "Vanderpump Rules," a Hollywood-based reality show where pretty people wait tables while also waiting for their next big break. Cocktails, parties, the occasional Vegas trip, the audition, the photoshoot...it's all so appealing to me. I love L.A. I love the city, the people, the opportunity...sigh. Where was I?

Oh, happy hour.

The bright, city-vibe studio at Salt Lake Power Yoga.
I spent mine today at Salt Lake Power Yoga. And speaking of L.A., it feels VERY much so. There aren't many attractions within the "high rises" (which aren't so high) of downtown, so the fact that this studio is on the third floor, with a panoramic view of mountains and skyline (btw, a refreshing departure from the mirrors), can make one feel very cosmopolitan. Like, "Hm, yes, I just left my fancy job to meet my girlfriends for some yoga. We're getting green tea after, then making plans for sushi and a Passion Pit concert this weekend." The modern digs - complete with a gorgeous locker room - add to this feeling that you're in downtown Somewhere Awesome.

My budding-yogi of a sister, Jessica. She's strong and beautiful.
My little sister, Jessica, invited me there. She's a regular, and it shows. She looks great, and even though I teach yoga sometimes, she was giving me a run for my money! Doesn't surprise me, though. In addition to sharing the same laugh, her and I are also both known to put our whole Hulk into anything that catches our interest. As for the class, remember Bikram? The 100-degree, 90-minute boot camp of yoga? Salt Lake Power Yoga spools a similar line, but the heat only hits 90 - and the humidity feels less - and instead of holding basic poses for long periods of time, you are moving through many poses, quickly, within the hour of class. You definitely sweat, so Bikram-grade gear is good, but I was the only one in booty shorts - a cue that you don't have to prepare for such extreme conditions.

I feel "worked out," but also energized. I felt like going for a run afterward! (But instead, I wandered around Whole Foods, talking to my sister in Oregon, while sipping a kombucha and browsing the fair trade shea butter lotion.)

When I got home, I looked at myself in the mirror. Body was a-glow after being sweated out. My eyes and smile were bright. My spirits are high. My dreams are big. And for the first time in a long time, they feel specific, and tangible.

All of this makes me feel as euphoric as if I'd spent happy hour sipping my favorite (skinny) cocktail.

Cheers to doing what makes you happy.... :)

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