Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I Love Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba with some of her all-natural baby products.
You saw her glowing at the Golden Globes...she's a high-profile celeb who plays superheroes, sexpots and spies. So it comes as some surprise that in real life, Jessica Alba's main role is: Diaper Activist.

Alba is the founder of The Honest Company, an online seller of all-natural baby and home products, which includes a stylish line of plant-based, biodegradable, yet somehow AFFORDABLE, diapers.

Alba said she started the company after reading the whistle-blowing book, "Healthy Child, Healthy World" (also now a parent reference site for natural child health). Alba contacted - and eventually partnered with one of the authors in hopes of bringing solutions to the toxic products and situations described in the book. So, with experienced making her own, simple beauty and home products, Alba and her partners launched a product line of eco- and body-friendly products, which range from diapers to body oil to dishwasher detergent pods.

The Honest Company makes biodegradable, non-toxic diapers.
But it's not just the products that get rave reviews from customers, but also the way in which you can order them. Sign up for an easily cancel-able membership and you can opt to receive a monthly "bundle" of diapers and wipes, or a "family essentials" pack of body, baby and household products.

The company says they give you enough diapers and wipes in that shipment to last the whole month, and you update the age and size of your baby on your profile on the website.

And even though the products are made with what The Honest Company says are "expensive" ingredients, the prices are relatively low because there are no storefronts to create overhead (they do have a headquarters, which the company says is eco-conscious, and hopes to be LEED-certified soon). So a diaper/wipe bundle runs $79.95/month, and the family essentials bundle runs $35.95/month ( says conventional/non-natural diapers/wipes can cost up to $80/month).

So what's better than getting a good deal on items that are good for the environment? Getting them for free! You can get a sample bundle on their website.

Who knew that Jessica Alba - or diapers, for that matter - would become a part of my green world? :)


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