Friday, January 4, 2013

Hulk is Back.

No, that's not me - but I DID do 200 of these. ;)

I need to remember my own motto: Energy creates energy (or, an object in motion stays in motion). Every fiber of my being was telling me to rest last night. I felt sick, tired, and actually a bit depressed. I told myself I just needed sleep, so I took about an hour of shut-eye. When I woke up lethargic, I knew rest wasn't the answer (though I still tried to convince myself it was). So, I texted Chris.

 "Convince me to go to boot camp!"

"Do it, baby. The endorphins will make you feel better."

Well, that's all it took. I can't let him - or myself - down, now! And I'm glad I went; the trainer saw my ambition and made me do double what the other client was doing, which boosted my confidence, and brought out the Lil' Hulk in me. I was even hyped up enough to do extra, picking up the jumprope between sets. I kind of surprised myself, because I have been feeling so weak all month, but I'm strong. I need to remember that.

It didn't hurt to get some reinforcement from the trainer.

"Nice triceps," she said. "I wish mine were defined like that."

"They are! You're a TRAINER!" I laughed, thinking "THESE arms? That have worked out MAYBE twice a week for the past month?" 

"Well, twice a week doing boot camp, for four weeks - that's better than where you were at before!" she said.

True. You know, I've to commend myself for that. For my living room yoga sessions. For going snowshoeing on the weekend. For saying no to a cookie at work. I realize (and this is a lesson I am always relearning) that recognizing your accomplishments, instead of focusing on your perceived shortcomings, is really what will give you the empowerment to build forward momentum.

photo Source: via Catherine on Pinterest

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