Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good News in the News.

It's not often clean food and energy make top billing in a newscast, but today is one of those rare days.

A quick news whip for ya:

Utah's TRAX system wants to help you fight pollution.
Free  Transit Pass for Your Clean-Air Pledge
Hours after two Utah cities were named "worse air quality in the country," Utah Transit Authority and SLC's Downtown Alliance drummed up a plan to get folks fighting this inversion through their transport choices. What they're offering: Score a free all-day bus and TRAX pass if you go online HERE and pledge to use it on a "red air" day. The organziations say your commuter choices make a big difference in our air quality.

President Calls for Environmental Change
Granolas who heard President Obama's inauguration speech were likely grinning ear to ear. The Commander in Chief promised a renewed effort to tackle climate change this term, as well as a promise preserve America's forests, water ways and crop lands. He also called on Americans to create more sustainable energy.

Americans Consume Less Corn Syrup
Reports have linked high-fructose corn syrup to obesity and diabetes, planting the seed for a down-fall in consumption. New statistics prove that U.S. consumers are cutting back on products made with HFCS. But it's not just consumers cutting back, but also the manufacturers. Last year's surge in corn prices means HFCS is not the cheapest sweetener anymore, so the fiscal advantage of its use in food has dropped. In fact, the USDA project the amount of corn that will go to creating HFCS will fall to the lowest number since 1997. This could mean that more mainstream food producers who have used HFCS in the past, might move to other modes of sweetener.

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