Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't Forget that You Can Be Happy Again!

Today stands out as one of the brightest days I've had for a long time. THIS feeling is what I've been fumbling around for, having dropped it in the dark some months ago.

You know how I talked about what it felt like last year when I finally "got happy?" Like I had plugged into the right track and things started feeling like they weren't fighting me anymore? That they were falling into place? Well, further confirmation that something has been off these past few months, because I feel like I am just now plugging - once again - back into that track that feel so natural, so free-flowing, that you can do nothing BUT "enjoy the journey."

That's happiness. That's content. Accepting, and enjoying, your journey, wholeheartedly. Appreciating the love that is around you, and knowing that you, too, have so much bursting love to give.

Strawberries, squash and 'shrooms, oh, my!
Today, my day started pure. I gave myself enough time in the morning, got ready so I could look my best, rolled into work before dawn, bobbing my head to some good tunes. I felt energetic, and nearly invincible as I said a chipper "hello" to my coworkers, and sat down for a fast-paced, challenging, satisfying load of work. At work, a doctor came on 2News to talk about healthy weightloss, and I decided to engage in conversation. I found out that he believes firmly in a plant-based diet - to which I said, "Have you read the China study?" "That's my bible," he says. It felt good to have confirmation that someone of note shared my passionate views on the health-promoting, disease-preventing practice of "no meat and dairy." Not only did I feel satisfied in the exchange, but the doctor left his "props;" several platters of fresh, raw fruits and veggies. This became my grazing ground today, and fueled my body and spirit with its living energy.

My mind practiced problem solving, my soul had some epiphanies, and my heart was open throughout the day, leading to several more human exchanges that put a smile on my face.

As I was leaving work, about to cross a busy street, I reached to push the "cross" button. I heard the beginnings of a murmur behind me, where an older, plain but cheery-seeming businessman stood, about to say something. "Hi," I say.

"I thought you were going to grab one of those flags," he burst out, relieved to get to say his bidding, and nodding to the oversize orange flags that aid in street-crossing visibility. "I'm glad you pushed the button for the lights, instead."

"Yeah, I always feel a bit funny carrying those things," I laugh. Crosswalk-related banter continued for a few seconds until we'd made it safely to the other side.

"Have a good day," I chimed.

"You, too!" he shouted as he walked away. "And I like your outfit!"

I was a little taken aback that a grown man would compliment my modest garb...but hey, it was a nice gesture, and we both walked away with a smile.

At home, I couldn't stop hugging my man - he just looked and felt so appealing and warm! Love, love, love him. I'll stop now before I make you click away....

When he left, I napped, and ate some Guacachips (tortilla chips with the "guac" built-in) and two Kinder chocolates, which didn't really fall into my healthy eating plan, but they both are actually not very high in calories, and definitely satisfied whatever urge I was feeling. So, I didn't let that discourage me, and I got myself out and on my way to free Monday night yoga at a local running store (Salt Lake Running Company on 700 E. near 2100 S.). This was the store's first class, and as I was driving there, I wondered if the class would even happen - maybe the instructor fell through; too feew people show up; the store decided not to host the class after all... But my mind was put at ease as I saw the mat-toting multitudes heading inside.

In a cozy, warm, comfortably-lit conference/stage room, the mats were adding up. I made my way to the front and Tetris-d my way into the row. The room - full of the running crowd, so both first-time and long-time yogis alike - had such good energy. Everyone seemed open to the instruction, and each other. No one was bugged that they were so close to their neighbor; the gal next to me didn't even blink an eye when my hand made decent contact with her butt on my way down into a swan dive. And the teacher - a triathlete first and foremost - was nonjudgmental and encouraging.

Instructor Tracy gets everyone settled for class.
I had such a good practice tonight, that I caught myself grinning many times throughout. I connected deeply to the inside of my body, to the point of near-tears. Relaxation, stretching, strengthening...ahhh, it all felt so good!

Made my way to Whole Foods after to get me some more of those raw veggies! Picked up an all-organic bunch for kale salads, asian slaw, broccoli and mushroom quinoa and more. Some probiotic-packed coconut water was on sale, so I decided to try that, too! Probiotics are "good" bacteria thought to regulate your digestive system, which sounds like an added bonus to the many benefits of coconut water (instantly hydrating, vitamin- and potassium-packed, etc.). And I threw some dark chocolate in there for a Scooby Snack. Hey, part of the proceeds went to a Tanzanian school project! :)

I had a movie to take back to the 711 Redbox (oh, what a glorious movie-watching-and-healthy-pizza night Chris and I had yesterday!). A lady was taking her time (15 minutes) to select a flick, so I allowed the friendly pooch in front of me to keep me entertained. His owner was a nice guy about my age, very Granola-y. He had been talking to the stoners in front of him before telling me all about how he works the ski industry in the winter, and the adventure industry in the summer. Said he was new to the area, and only lives a few houses down from us. Getting to know kind of makes you feel like the area's a little safer. The stoners in front broke in to offer us some "cheap chronic." I declined; Granola neighbor inquired innocently, but didn't buy. And I just had to laugh. A possible drug deal - when encompassed in comradery - just made the neighborhood feel like a friendlier place.

Here at home: A hot shower, some loves for my kitty and a warm cup of tea are bringing me joy as I write to you. In a few minutes, my good-looking husband will make me smile as I watch him so authoritatively, and creatively, tell a story to me and thousands of other viewers. And minutes after that, he'll be home to end the day right - with love, and in celebration of once again, finding my happiness.

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