Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams.

Over the past few months, if you've been reading regularly, you've likely noticed a blue tone to some of my posts. I've talked a lot about a need to change things in my life, or "be better" at "following through." Being my true self. Living my best life.

All of that - I realize - came from the fact I had big dreams, but felt helpless to achieve them. But then, as is usually the case, something traumatic happened to remind me that life is short, and I have no choice but to believe I can reach every single one of my dreams. (It's like that phrase, "You'll never GET what you don't ASK for.")

So how do you start on the journey following your bliss? Well, you need to accept that it IS a journey, and may take some steps to achieve. Then, visualize and LIVE life as though those dreams are happening NOW (because they always are, even if they're only in the beginning stages!). You'll notice that you'll attract opportunities that fall right in line with your plan.

1. Dream Big
What do you REALLY want in life? What would give you the biggest smile on your face every morning? Whether it's simplifying and de-cluttering, or amassing fame and riches, it can be yours. But you have to BELIEVE it can be yours. How else are you going to make decisions that will lead to it, if you don't believe that's a reality? For example, It's hard to choose the color of the drapes if you won't accept that you'll have the drapes.

2. Create a Vision Board
The best way to lay out your plan is to VISUALIZE it. You'll notice you will naturally prioritize your dreams/goals as you paste them into reality (who knew you'd be drawn to so many relationship-related photos? Or that your "money" cutout didn't even make the cut?).

Source: via Talia on Pinterest

3. Don't Look Back
It's a good idea to start closing doors to the things in your life that don't fit with your new vision. That way, you feel free to pursue, to move FORWARD (and not compelled to slip back into old ruts). For example, if it's a new career in your horizon, leave your current job for a temporary one while you work toward your dream. You won't have all that stale energy holding you down!

Do you need some extra help making that first step? Your only limits are in your head; they're fake! Your vision is REAL!

If you still need some inspiration, drop me a line. I would love to be a part of your journey! :)

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