Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transformation Takes Commitment.

You have the power to go from stressed....
...to happy!
Like a butterfly ruminating in its cocoon, I feel like this month, I've been anticipating a total-life transformation. I feel like, just how I completely changed my life this time last year, soon, I get to evolve into Stage II of living bliss.

Though the reality of that is AMAZING, the process has been stressful. I've caught myself over thinking SO many times; letting stress creep back into my life, and personal well being become a bit neglected. And I realize this is happening because of the anticipation (aka stalling), because I'm not acting NOW.
That changes today. There's no looking back. I remind myself that life is short, and that "comfortable" ruts are a sinkhole to constant discontent. I'm radiating an actionable plan that holds no room for second-guessing and over thinking. Think of it like a New Year's Resolution on steroids.

Here's a peak at my plan:

Firstly, we get to fix the garage door to make our lives easier in the morning and take care of our cars.
Next, our second bedroom has become the "closet room." Our clothes are everywhere! I am organizing and decluttering it to take the stress out of getting dressed.

Speaking of clothing, most items in my closet must go. Many items are inconsistent with how I want to portray myself to the world. So, a donating/selling purge is happening in the next two weeks, and a re-stocking  - aka shopping for my updated image - will happen at the New Year. And because clothing is such an investment (you hold onto it for years!), I'm considering professional help from my stylist friends.

This passion for trying and making natural products makes my routine as inconsistent as a politician's rhetoric. So, while I will continue to be your organic guinea pig, I get to stock up on a line of daily products that I know will keep my skin glowing and slow aging. I have been out of eye cream for weeks, and I get to buy some more, dammit! And my nails get to be done every two weeks (it's a small luxury).

No more dreaming. Only doing. Trust myself to excel and attract money. At this stage in my life, I have enough experience to truly take flight.

I love volunteering. But I am going to put the amount of time spent doing it in balance with the rest of my life. I will stop building in stress by overextending myself. After all, the best you can do for the world is to be the best YOU! Be worthy of the giving you are doing by honoring yourself first.

I'm committed to clean eating, and regular fitness. Chris and I started a new workout plan this week, so I'm happy to report the ball is rolling on this. I feel my best when I'm workout out regularly, which is - for some reason - easy to forget sometimes. But no more. Chris and I deserve to be fit!

I am buying organic and natural when it is available. I am innovating ways to reduce my impact on the environment. I am contributing good energy to the world, and being grateful daily for its splendors.

I am accepting of all people, even those with whom I disagree. I am not arrogant about my lifestyle, nor do I project my shortcoming on others. I love myself deeply, and know that I am "enough" for everyone in my life.

I actively keep in touch, but do not overextend myself with obligations. If it stresses you to be there, you're not adding love and positivity to the experience.

..is why I'm alive! LIVE IT!

I'm excited for this new stage of life, and can't wait to keep you updated on how different I feel in living it. :)

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