Friday, December 14, 2012

Bearing an Unthinkable Burden.

20 children and 6 adults are dead today after a 20-year-old man walks into Sandy Hook elementary school in quiet Newtown, Conneticut, and - with multiple weapons - guns them down.

The gunman's own mother is one of the dead. And, at the home where the killer once lived with his mother, another person is found dead.

The country is in shock, as am I. I've been logging the tragic updates all day as I write KUTV's 7 p.m. newscast. With my nose buried in the scent of the details...I feel numb; my head, buzzing in disbelief.

But this is real. People's children...loved ones...are dead, never to sit at another family dinner again. These families are inconsolable tonight, as they mourn such a sudden loss.

All I can offer is that, as humans, we are capable of shouldering the most unthinkable burdens; living through intolerable suffering, eventually emerging from the shadows with grace, perspective, and a greater compassion for the world at large.

Love, and peace to you all.

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