Friday, December 21, 2012

The Gift of GIVING.

I'm so impressed with the amount of meaningful gifts already circulating this holiday season.

A local band fronted by fabulously conscious folks, MiNX, sent me what looked like a typical card...

But inside, was the gift of warm fuzzies....

...the opportunity to give to a charitable organization of my choice!
Then, one of my besties, Krystle, told me she gave to a charitable toy drive in lieu of friends' gifts. I was ecstatic to hear it!
And my dad is doing only "gifts from the heart" (open to interpretation).
All of this casts light on the shadow of modern materialsm. Even though I'm spoiling my husband this Christmas, I'm glad that loved ones in my life help balance it out with the gift of giving itself.
If you're feeling generous this morning, a cause in which I strongly believe - The Road Home shelter in Salt Lake City - is requesting donations to accomodate winter weather overflow. You can also donate to to continue our free yoga classes there. :)

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