Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Catmas!

This year held a good many firsts for the newly-wed Joneses. We put up a full-size tree, got to focus our gift-giving on each other, and we added a member to the family.

Meet Randy Likness Jones. He his honorably named after one of our favorite 2News photogs, who quite often is the object of my husband's comical affection. Our Randy is a blue-eyed, black-nosed, Danger Mouse of a kitty we rescued from the Humane Society on Christmas Eve. He is friendlier than your 'nog-swillin' Uncle, and as quirky as that kid who had a crush on you in middle school. And he is so laid back, that his favorite toy, is our kitchen rug... well as perching atop our leather couch.

Luckily, the Humane Society applied "SoftPaws" on each of his claws. The humane alternative to declawing (that's like amputating their fingertips, they say), the tips protect your said couch...from shredded death. And good thing we got 'em, too, because he does like to flex 'em around the house.

Randy was there for the first time Chris and I gathered around the tree for Christmas morning gifts. Chris knows me better than anyone, as manifested by the Burt's Bees, North Face snow boots and organic books he so generously gave me. And I love that he has barely put down the Kindle I got him. :)

**Oh, and we made low-fat eggs benedict! It was tough to poach the eggs, but Chris did a great job doing it for the first time!

My older sister, the organic mom-goddess, sent me another amazing gift: Empty bottles for my beauty concoctions, and a gift card to my favorite essential oil-peddler.

My mom won us over with a pair of sweet snowshoes each, which we plan to test this weekend (I'll keep you updated!).

We also got together with some of our favorite folks in the news biz. It was a "blazer party" that held a ton of laughs...and a spousal boob grab. :)

Oh, and did I tell you about our amazingly antioxidant-packed, low-cal cocktails that we enjoyed over our precious few days off together? (click pics for the recipes)

Best Bloody Mary ever!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
cked, low-cal

So, it was a very eventful holiday, and I'm excited that it's already the weekend again so we can play with our new toys, and new little kitty - crazy Randy!

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