Monday, December 10, 2012

Help the Underserved - Even if That's YOU - Find Peace.

Yoga can do some amazing things.

You might think I'm just talking it up, trying to make myself sound like an enlightened know-it-all with a spine more flexible than a Gumby doll. But for me, yoga's honestly this subtle, yet huge power in my life that both humbles, and strengthens me. And I've watched it do the same to others - others, who for them, yoga is their only hope.
Yoga For People's Santosh Maknikar teaching a donation-based class.

Remember Tom? Our adaptive yoga client who has MS? He can't even sit comfortably in his wheelchair without it, let alone help himself feel positive about his life.

And as I get to know my yoga students at the Road Home, I hear their voices soar in excitement as they tell me how they've improved their Crow pose, or how doing yoga has brought them a sense of calm amid chaotic surroundings.

Even Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is singing its praises. In preperation for Yoga For People's 12.12.12 event, I stopped by his office to hear him speak about the benefits of yoga. Take a look.

So if you're skeptical - maybe you think yogis are stuck-up prose-spoolers who only care about green tea and LuluLemon - come to the 12.12.12 event. For $12, not only will you get to experiment with a variety of styles in the 12 hours of different yoga classes, but you'll also get some great food, entertainment and - if you bring your wallet - a steal on silent auction items like skis and yoga gear.

I think you'll find a whole different vibe with these folks who are taking to the mat, for a cause.

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