Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding Nutrition in Non-whole Foods.

I don't take any vitamins, so its crucial I get enough from eating healthy, whole foods. Ideally, my day is three parts fruits and veggies, two parts healthy fats and proteins, and one part whole grains. Unfortunately, right now, the Jones home is barren of its usual spinach, bananas and almond butter bounty, and my body is withdrawling.

But, time is as scarce as our produce these days, and with no spare moments to shop, today, I get down to brass tacks. How can I get my vitamins from stuff I still have in the house. The label-reading went down, and I eventually scavenged enough grub to give me enough nutrients, as well as utilize nearly every morsel in the house before our next shopping trip (kind of a cool feeling).

If you find yourself in my same dietary dilemma, here are some foods that are almost as good as the real thing, or at least give you similar nutrients.

Apples - score! Still have some left because they keep forever.
Organic tomato sauce and coconut water
Coconut water - got lucky to have bought these in bulk. Double the potassium of a single fresh banana!
Fruit leather - 45 calories and made with 100% pureed fruit!

Salsa- 15 calories and made almost exclusively with veggies
Tomato sauce - You're eating double the amount of tomatoes in a sauce as you would if they were fresh (just make sure added sugar isn't too high
*You can eat these with crackers, stir into quinoa
Organic soup- just watch sodium and cream content

Greek yogurt - scraping the barrel, but with some cinnamon, it's a-ok
Goat cheese - not much left, but it'll do!
Leftover salmon
Almonds (always a ton in the cupboard)
Eggs (usually always have some around)
Almond milk

These keep awhile, so I still have crackers, bread and quinoa to utilize.

I got myself fed and feel a lot better (a ton of water always helps fill in the gaps till your next fresh meal), and learned a few lessons. The next time I look around and think, "there's no food!" - that's not true. And also, I should keep up on my shopping so my body doesn't lag in energy-deficient limbo while I extract vitamins from lesser foods.

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