Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dark Lipstick Trend Gone Natural.

Source: via Edie on Pinterest

The fewest articles of makeup I can use on my face, the better, and this dark lipstick trend allows my face to be nearly NAKED! (...the complete opposite of the smokey-eye/nude-lip trend.)

But how do you pick the right one? The first criteria for me, is: Is it natural? You ultimately ingest what you put on your lips, so the more earthy ingredients, the better.

Then, what's your skin tone?
Fair: Wine or burgundy is best.
Medium: Try deep scarlet and cranberry.
Dark: Lips look best shrouded in mulberry and blackberry.

Got the right idea? Now see if some of my recommendations work for you.

Black Cherry hemp/organic lipstick by Refreshingly Free, $15.99

Deep Berry Lipsurgence natural stain/crayon by Tarte, $24

Make your own using BEET JUICE! Click the pic for the recipe.
Source: via Janet on Pinterest

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