Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breaking a Streak for Deer Meat.

My friends gave me some ground deer meat the other night, despite the fact I'm pescatarian (fish-only meat-eater). But I obliged, because she's one of my besties and her hunter-man Chris was proud to gift it.

Stephanie (left) and I at her place.
"It's leaner than any other red meat, because deer is free range and grass fed," Chris - a former CrossFit trainer - tells me. "Even the minimal fat is good for you."

Studies prove Chris right; it's naturally low in calories and fat. Check out this nutrition comparison (according to

3 oz, 159, 7g, 0g, 22.5g
1 serving ( 3 oz ), 235.5, 15.5g, 0g, 22.3g

Steph and her hunter-man Chris, holding said deer meat.

Chris advised me to use it in speghetti or chili because the ground meat "doesn't stick together well for hamburgers." So, for lunch, Mr. Jones and I browned it up in a skillet with olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper and made a deer burrito out of it, complete with avocado and salsa. It was pretty disguised, but I could make out a faint, goat-cheesey gaminess. But it brought back fond memories of growing up in Reno where my aunt and uncle keep a freezer full of game meats (when I was five, I ate so much yummy elk steak that I threw up!).

Deer meat burritos!

This broke my year-long streak of red meat refrain. But I feel that, because this stuff is hormone-free, organic, and wild, it lacks the typical disease-causing agents of slaughterhouse stock.

So how can you get your hands on some? Call up any hunter friends and make an offer (valued at about $7/lb.), order it online, or get in touch with a local ranch or game processing center.

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