Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wind-Down Wednesdays: My New Thing.

I now think of Wednesday as the week's lunch break. You made it through the shellshock of Monday and the mundane of Tuesday and now you're in the groove. So after work, why not relax a little?

Yesterday, with lofty ambitions of making my food for the rest of the week, doing laundry, and cleaning house, I came home from work and the light bulb came on that hey, my Wednesday doesn't have to be routine! I listened to that light bulb (wait, what?) and reached into the cupboard to start "Operation Decompression" with a handful of dark chocolate acai-blueberry morsels, which are highly addicting gems of pure, tasty joy. They're not too bad for you, and they sure do wonders for one's mood.

And actually, if I'm being honest (definitely the theme of the week - SEE HERE), I started this "break free of routine" thing on Tuesday night, when I scheduled myself a massage for the next day, then drove to Herriman to laugh the night away with one of my besties. When my afternoons consist of errands, working out and napping, time with friends doesn't usually make the weekday cut.

So, Wednesday...mood-boosted by dark chocolate, I showed up at my massage at Healing Mountain Massage School, where you can get an hour with a student for $25, or with an licensed masseuse for $35. I love the new-agey atmosphere (they have a crystal shop! I'm not into those yet, but it looks cool!), and have always been impressed by the staff. When times are tight, I opt for a student, like last night, and enjoyed 50 minutes of touch. I am SUCH a touch person. I feel so loved and happy when being touched (I'm fortunate that Chris knows this about me). But it was one of those chatty massages, that I kind of feel are less relaxing, but sometimes, we ladies can't help gab at one another.

Need a massage on a budget? $25 will get you one here.
 After my massage, I felt perfectly floaty, and felt like continuing the Zen. The SLC Krishna Center, which hosts 14 donation-based yoga classes a week, was hosting a special Diwali yoga practice. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights - celebrated in India by light displays, fireworks and gifts (kind of like Christmas). But its main spiritual meaning is, "awareness of your inner light." (You can attend the free celebrations at SLC and Spanish Fork Krishna Temples.) When I arrived, the temple workers were cooking up a feast, so the smells throughout the 90 minute, intensely athletic yoga session were divine. It was interesting, my strength and endurance during yoga shined, while my balance needed nurturing. What does that say about my life right now?

Diwali is the Hindu 'Festival of Lights.'
After yoga, combined with the massage effects and some "tension tamer" tea, my body and mind felt so balanced and relaxed. I went home with enough energy to shower (even wash and dry my hair) and get food and coffee ready for the next day. Sometimes, a little break from routine is exactly what you need to get back on track.

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