Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Not? It's Tuesday.

With afternoons full of blogging, auditions and volunteering, I need to realize that sometimes I can just take it easy after work. I mean, I JUST worked, so why keep working? At least sometimes.

So, Tuesday. I felt like bucking my routine. Once Chris went to work, I just let the afternoon flow. Instead of Bikram yoga, I took off South toward my mom's house. She has access to a gym, so why not do a quick workout AND get some mommy love? While driving on the freeway, one of my best friends passed me in her car, honking and waving. I called her.

"I'm headed South, what are your plans?" I ask.

"For you to come over and have a glass of wine," she laughs.

"Give me an hour!"

Though my mom wasn't home, I used her gym, doing a completely non-routine workout. I did a CrossFit-style mix of weight and interval moves, bookended by 2, 15-minute sets of yoga. Delightful!

Afterward, I made my way into Herriman towards my friend's house. Herriman has a special place in my heart, because that's where Chris was living when we started dating. I moved into his house there, and because it's so far away from everything, we spent a lot of time in the area. I drove passed our sushi restaurant, movie theater, Harmon's grocery store...even the Olive Garden at which we stopped a glass of wine, just to kill a gift certificate. And of course, I made a detour to see the house that still holds so many memories.

The beloved Herriman house.
There it was. I remember sitting in front of the house in my car at 10 o'clock at night, waiting for Chris to come home from his live shot. That was until he made me a key. Then he asked me to move in. So many nights spent, dinners made, conversations had in that house...ah. Beautiful.

I danced in my car (quite literally. It's a bad habit, especially when that damn Justin Bieber song comes on) to my friend's house in DayBreak. It felt like a different country! I love being out on the West Side. Laughing with my friend and her new man...out in this new just felt good. Freeing.

I blasted party music on the long drive back home. Just like I used to on the long drive out to the Herriman house. The smile on my face was ridiculous. In the house, I turned music on and danced in the kitchen as I made my lunch for the next day. I had this epiphany, that LIFE CAN BE FUN. It SHOULD be fun! Why not? It's short? Why ALWAYS put chores and errands first? Is that the memory you're going to be telling your kids about?

Granted, we need to get stuff done in life so we have money, a place to live, etc., but most times - even on a Tuesday - you have every reason in the world to live it up.

***See how I continued this mindset on WEDNESDAY.

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