Friday, November 30, 2012

Trader Joe's Opens First UTAH Location

Our liquor laws prevent the sale of any "Two-Buck Chuck" (sad face), but we Utahns are still excited about our first Trader Joe's specialty grocery store opening TONIGHT!

Mr. Jones broke the news in a KUTV story a few months back, and today, that's all Salt Lakers are talking about.
The location is at 634 E. 400 South in Salt Lake City; right around the block from the Trolley Square Whole Foods location.

I loved visiting the store whilst growing up in Reno - although as a kid, I thought it was a little wierd they didn't sell Cheerios or Top Ramen.

A friend told me Cookie Butter at TJ's changed her life.
As an adult, I'm excited to check out their health foods and beauty products, and add new items to my palatte!

Here are some Trader Joe's tidbits:
-Call themselves a retailer of "innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods."
-They assure you their foods are sourced from non-GMO ingredients, their eggs come from cage-free hens, and their meats do not contain "pink slime."

But might I add, though I am thoroughly enthused about a conscious, national chain choosing Utah for one of their nearly 400 locations, I remain emphatic about supporting Utah's home-grown retailers like the Utah Co Op, Harmon's, Good Earth, and more.