Monday, November 5, 2012

There is No Tomorrow.

 "Life is short, right?"

It's a phrase I often use to convince myself that a decision I'm about to make - however questionable - is a good idea. Or at least, is going to turn out alright.

This phrase gets eeked out by either Chris or me pretty much every weekend. Clean the house or go to a movie? "Life is short; movie!" Sleep in or hike up to a skyline view? "Life is short; hike!" Make dinner at home or try the Pakistani joint behind the corner market? You get the idea.

We've made priceless memories because of that mentality - even Chris and my very coming together! Stay home on a Friday night, or judge a singing contest at a local club? "Life is short; club!"

The 'life is short' mentality helped us make beautiful memories on a trip to Vegas, shortly after 'coming out' as a couple.
 Planning after-hours meet-ups, moving in together, getting married, running off to Thailand, buying a house, talking about babies...there'd be a certain sense of urgency lacking if Chris and I didn't feel like life was short. Our mentality that we want to get the most out of whatever time we have together often influences decisions that are heartfelt, but perhaps a bit unconventional (maybe some of the five W's are question marks?). Some decisions have been even downright wild, and I wish I could share THOSE on here. Maybe another time. :)

This Sunday (just like last week, when we tried hitchhiking) was a "life is short" kind of day. What started as a, "hey, let's go to the grocery store, make a nice dinner tonight and get ready for Monday" agenda turned into a different day, full of bold moves, Aha! moments and intense love and bonding.

Chris and I on the Bonneville Shoreline trail, a gorgeous hike with a valley view.

We sat outside in our beloved "outdoor living room" (back patio), admiring the beauty of our surroundings. We chatted away at each other during a hike, telling childhood stories and falling in awe of the panoramic view. We coached each other through anxiety brought on by a movie (FLIGHT) from which neither of us knew what to expect. We discussed God, religion and politics without a shred of defense. We picked up dinner at the Pakistani place by our house, watching someone pray in the corner, Middle Eastern coverage of US election preps, and a little girl flashing doe eyes at Chris while we waited for what turned out to be a delightfully spicy-sweet blend of chicken, basmati rice and lentils.

Ali Baba's doles out delish Middle Eastern ccuisine that we'd have totally missed out on with a closed minds.

That, and more rounded out what could have been a quiet, uneventful Sunday. We definitely woke up Monday tired and sluggish, but grinning ear to ear over our weekend adventures, made possible - as I imagine they always will be - by the phrase, "Life is short." I hope I feel that way when I die - exhausted and banged up, even, but happy as a lark and laden with a quiver of dang good stories to tell.

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