Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rockstar Yogis.

I get to meet some pretty cool people here at the TV station. This morning, it was guitar legend Al Pitrelli. If you haven't heard of him, you likely don't own a Megadeth T-shirt or Alice Cooper poster like I do (he was a guitarist for both). But I bet you have heard of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the metallic holiday showdown that takes over arenas across the globe every year come November.

Al Pitrelli being interviewed on KUTV 2News.
What a REAL guy. He showed up at 5:30 a.m. pleasant, flanked by two co-horts - Rick and Aaron - but not small talk-y. He genuinely remembered me from when he came on the show last year. As I mic'd him up, got him prepped for the interview, and refilled his coffee, we yammered about a variety of things. He asked how my husband was, gasped in jealousy when I told him we got married in Thailand (he wants to do Muay Thai there), told me "New Yorkers are pretty tough" when I asked about Hurricane Sandy, and went on and on about his obsession with Manolo Blahniks (he even showed me the email that proved he was on their newsletter). Rick chimed in, saying how excited he was to go to LuluLemon.

Al says, "The pants may be $160, but they are the most comfortable things and - "

"-they last forever?" I chime in, balking at the price.

"They last forever."

Aaron was eyeing a poster on our station window. "Yoga For People," he reads out loud. "We have a Yoga For the People in New York...all donation-based classes."

"I've heard of them!" I exclaim. "I work with Yoga For People, and we have a similar mission."

I tell them a little more about our mission to provide yoga to anyone, regardless of unique situations, and Al piped in:

"I love yoga, we do it all the time!"

"I start teacher training next month," Rick reveals. "I just want to be better at it."

Astonished at some of my favorite rockers sharing my love of yoga, I started chatting away about the great yoga scene in Salt Lake. "Do you have time to go while you're here?"

"I'm so sore, I'd love to go tomorrow," Al says.

"We need a hot, power vinyasa," Rick added. I am impressed with his depth of knowledge!

They know about Bikram, and don't want to do that intense of one. So I recommend a little less intense version that's getting rave reviews locally: Salt Lake Power Yoga, where power yoga gets sweaty in an 80-90 degree room. Rick's already on the website on his iPad. "We're going to the 10 a.m. tomorrow!" he announces. "Come with us!"

"If I can, but if not, have fun!" I am just excited they're going to do yoga in Salt Lake City.

"Well, if you don't make it," Al offers after his interview ends. "You and your husband come say hi at the show. And we'll see you next year."

The rest of the day, I committed to be as real as Al was to me - no filler, no fakeness - and you better believe if a rocker who has five big performances ahead of him, and just drove 10 hours from Denver is committing to doing yoga in another state, I'll definitely be attending my practice tonight.


  1. Amanda- your posts are such a joy! Maybe it's because I think we may be twins seperated at birth or because you're just such a doll! Thanks for sharing... Your job pretty much rocks! xoxo

  2. My dear Jodie Rae!! You don't know how much that means to me! And I love that you relate...where do you think we are similar? YOU rock ;)