Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Putting the 'Thanks' in 'Thanksgiving.'

I find it ironic that a term so positive and selfless as "Thanksgiving" is now synonymous with "gluttony." Many people associate the term with stuffing themselves silly instead of giving gratitude. I mean, sure, you can post what you're thankful for on Facebook, but do you really give those people, experiences and items that deep respect they've earned by serving you? Do you truly realize all of the elements happening in this world to keep you alive, and happy? Do you make a cognitive pact to acknowledge that, and pay it forward?

No one's gratitude should make them feel indebted. After all, that defeats the purpose of the act of giving, which is to enrich someone's life. Not burden it! I used to get very apologetic whenever someone served me, and feel like I immediately needed to pay them back, or give a gift-giver a gift in return, right away. But I'm learning that it makes people (and items!) truly happy to live their full purpose, which includes service and gifts to their loved ones. I don't have to be a slave to gratitude!

So what is gratitude? How do you express it? The answer is completely unique to you. What you feel enriches your life...things outside of your control...only you know, and only you know how to truly thank them. As I write this, I keep looking at this dresser in our bedroom that holds Chris' stuff, and I feel gratitude for it, which is me acknowledging how life could be a little more difficult without it, and feeling love for it. I feel the love back, and I know it accepts my gratitude. I feel that way for my egg in the morning, my husband, the weather, my coffee, my's a daily feeling of love and cooperation. I acknowledge that everything that's a part of my life is working together in one synergistic drum circle, and that makes me smile. Makes me happy. Grateful.

Even gratitude is a part of that circle, the tune that creates the opus of your day. Without giving it for the parts of your life that truly matter, those parts will start to fade away unnoticed, and start to shine with love for you a little less.

So what are you grateful for NOW? I'll post my list tomorrow, and look forward to reading yours!!


  1. Bravo! True appreciation, love, happiness come from awareness and understanding. I needed this reminder on today of all days. Thank you.

  2. Cody, first of all - I'm OVERJOYED you clicked over to read this. I know you live your life aware and present. You inspire me!

  3. All that you've written proves what a spiritual and deep thinker you are now and becoming. It's totally cool to watch you stretch and test the waters of change.

    I'm changing also like NEVER before but I try hard to ignore it because it scares me. I've always ridden on the waves of light so being a professional in serving people's emotions is eerie at times and yet rich beyond measure in other ways. I've never wanted a power position but people put me in charge. I'm flying by the seat of my pants throughout most of my days. Sound familiar???

    Serving at St. Mark's Hospital and The Road Home last year makes me incredibly grateful every time I come home. I'm grateful to be healthy, it literally consumes me now. Last year I couldn't even believe I owned a room and especially not a house after working with clients who had nothing until we paid off their debts.

    "Without giving it for the parts of your life that truly matter, those parts will start to fade away unnoticed…" This is huge and scares the beejeebees out of me. I NEVER want to lose my love for art but I've had to put it entirely on the back burner to get through graduate school. Attempting to have two careers is difficult because I've got to be a master of both.

    I'm grateful to be heading in a direction that's employable and varied but I must continue my art too or I will perish…
    Love to you Amanda.

  4. Rhonda,

    You are one of my biggest muses. Thank you for sharing this. You have no idea how much you mean to me!

    Art is part of your soul!

    Love you,