Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Organic Food Accessible for Everyone.

Chris did a great story last night for 2News at 10 (congrats to him, by the way, for being a major part of the winningest newscast!). Thieves have been targeting a Utah non-profit that sells discount, organic food to the public, as well as donates - they say nearly a million dollars of food per year - to people in need. It's called Utah Co Op, and now, I am officially enamored. And this is why:

-Founder Mercedes Zel-Pappas started the co-op on the basis that "help for the needy" is rarely "healthy."
-The public can find fresh, organic and even local produce, eggs and goods for 25-90% off retail
-Children decorate the egg cartons as encouragement to bring them back at refill time
-The co-op supports sustainable and fair trade practices, as well as local farmers, of course
-No memberships required

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what a co-op is:

"Most food co-ops take a socially responsible approach to the food and products that they sell, offering local and/or organic options where possible alongside cost-effective alternatives. Cost-effectiveness is a key attribute of all food co-ops; using a co-operative work principle allows organizations to offer goods at substantially below the prices of all normal grocery stores."

One of the many local farms possibly available at Utah Co Op.
I'm impressed that Chris found out about this place, and is insistant to now be a regular customer. I don't know if he realizes it or not, but he has become quite the conscious consumer. I've noticed he hasn't replaced his once-sworn-by shower products since they've been empty (he must be using my organic versions!), and he's pretty quick to toss stuff in our "recycle" bin. Right on, sweetie.

And right on, Utah Co Op. Just like how I feel about everyone having access to yoga, why shouldn't everyone have access to healthy, organic food, too?

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