Sunday, November 25, 2012

Healthy Mashed Potato Alternative

Inspired by the spicy-sweet roasted butternut squash we made this Fall, we decided to modify our "mashed potatoes" this Thanksgiving. Instead of starchy white potatoes, we opted for sweet potatoes (packed with vitamin B, D, iron and magnesium - magnesium is said to help with stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder). We had the idea to spike them with butternut squash (full of fiber, vitamins and potassium), noting a similar texture and taste to sweet potatoes. We were happy to get it right, with the butternut squash adding a warm depth and texture to the sweet potatoes. The coconut oil is important, as it adds a buttery taste that marries both the squash and the potatoes. Try it out, and impress your friends with this gourmet-er version of an old favorite. :)

Butternut Squash-Spiked Sweet Potatoes
3 yams, roasted until soft, skin off
20 ounces pre-cut butternut squash, tossed in coconut oil, seasoned with chili powder and cinnamon, and roasted until soft
Mash yams and squash together, and serve!
**I roasted both the squash and the yams for an hour at about 400 degrees

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