Friday, November 2, 2012

HULK'S Instant Hair Refresher

I hate washing my hair. Basically, unless I'm on TV or have a hot date, I avoid it. Unfortunately, though, Bikram makes you sweat so much that I HAVE to wash it. But, being the beat-the-system gal that I am, I thought there HAD to be some kind of lazy man's way to wash it. It doesn't have to take me to uh-mazing like a real shower, but at least make my mane fresh and workable.

Lord, I hope Chris doesn't read this. That shower-every-day dude will think I'm so gross! :)

So, dry shampoo is a great option. But it doesn't work on wet hair. So, I could blowdry my hair (so much work) THEN use the dry shampoo, or I can spray my new little concoction right on my sweaty/gross/wet hair and have it do the refreshing and disinfecting on the spot! But let me repeat, if you're going to do anything other than scrunch your hair or let it dry au-naturale, you might want to go the traditional route.

The following is a HULK original - invented, tested and approved. Let me know if it works for you!


Grab an empty spray bottle, and fill it mostly with warm water
In it, dilute a dime-size of coconut oil
Add 8-12 drops of tea tree oil (you can add other scents as well, but tea tree will kill odor-causing bacteria)
Shake it up!

Now, separate your hair into sections and spray on the PART of each section.
Massage into your all-over scalp.
Spritz over your entire mane.

And I have naturally wavy hair, so I just scrunched, then hairsprayed for a beachy style.

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