Friday, November 16, 2012

I Sell Before I Shop.

I have an anti-hording problem. I don't like adding to my collection, without first getting rid of something. My life's biggest manifestation of this is my wardrobe management method. I love to shop as much as the next gal, but I don't feel good about buying new stuff unless some of my old stuff isn't working anymore (i.e., it's outdated, doesn't fit the season, not right for my body type, etc.). So, before I shop, I go to a "fashionable" secondhand shop and sell the clothes that I can. Today, I sold about $15 worth of clothing, and, added to the credit I already had from previous purges, I now have a whopping $38 stacked up.

This comes in handy, because I also do most of my shopping at this place. I can trade right across, and it adds no more consumerism to the world. Granted, this place - UPTOWN CHEAPSKATE - is definitely making money with their markups, but at the very least, I still feel the joy of recycling.


Banana Republic skirt, $13.99
Old Navy flannel shirt, $12.99
Gap blazer, $12.99
Earrings, $5.99

The key to shopping secondhand is to look for quality. No point buying something that's just going to fade or fall apart, even if it's a good deal! So today's finds were super satisfying because they're all sturdy brands, that usually come with a much higher pricetag!

And now I have some great options for Monday's pictures at the TV station! :)

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