Friday, November 30, 2012

Cooling Off Our Energy Use in Winter.

My ever-chilly husband likes to keep our little house toasty-warm at 70+ degrees, whereas I suffer through freezing toes at a temp of around 60. Chris is quick to point out all the ways I choose to "tough it out" (hence the HULK nickname), like in Thailand - so I recognize that I'm doing it now, and also respect that he is being good to himself by not suffering through cold when he has the means to be warm.

But when I came across this article, it made me realize that what we do with our thermostat has the biggest impact on our household energy emissions. The article points out the following:

About 2/3 of our home’s energy costs is spent on trying to keep our homes warm in the winter. This is an area that requires more of our energy-saving attention.
Central air conditioning can use as much as 3,500 watts of energy!
If you run your central air for 12 hours a day for just three weeks, it will use the same amount of energy you would use if you left your refrigerator door open 24 hours a day for an entire year!
While we often like to cite big business as the source of the greatest volume of emissions, we are responsible for almost 1/5 of it.
So what can I do to keep us warm, while living a little greener? The article recommends closing vents in rooms you don’t often use, and kicking down the heater to 60 or below at nighttime (an extra blanket will help make up the difference!).
Save energy by layering! We just got a locally made Minky Couture blanket that's amazing!
Just a few simple ways to keep your footprint small, but not zero-below. :)

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