Friday, October 19, 2012

What Really Matters (?)

Does all of life's greatness stem from love?

 What is your life's purpose?

It's a question I ask myself probably a little too often.

Making money? Nah; I don't need much (which is probably why I haven't attracted much). Traveling the world? I love doing that, but it's not my purpose on its own. Having a family? Again, one of life's great accoutrements, but not a purpose.

Sometimes I think, as I listen to a song that really moves me, or watch a beautiful sunset, that my purpose is to enjoy.

Other times, as I stand in front of a camera, the "record" button flashing red, the teleprompter scrolling, that it's to work, delivering information. To be on TV - even to write this blog.

Then, as I joke with coworkers or goof off on the radio, I think it's to spread lightheartedness.

Or, maybe, is it getting behind a cause that I believe in? Because I am deeply excited about forthcoming projects with this cool non-profit.

Perhaps it's all of these, or maybe these are all just mini-purposes on top of the one purpose that I never doubt, regret, or question the future of: Love. Having been awakened by this deep love, which blossoms me open to life's beauty and loving everyone, I know that everything else is secondary, as well as complemented by its boundlessness. So I honor that, by living out the purpose of being loved and loving in return.

And maybe, it's as simple as that.

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  1. Maybe I'm reading too much David Deida (but is that possible?) :)