Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Use Your Time Wisely. Life is Short!


Spend more time doing this, and less time doing this.

Which one of us hasn't muttered the words, "There's not enough time in the day!" after hours of juggling tasks like a bartender at last call.

Mr. Jones taught me something about this: The value of one's time. His dad lives this concept, hiring people to do everything from cooking to printing off his airplane boarding pass. Ok, the latter is a touch extreme, but I have really committed to this concept that you can get tedious tasks done for a bargain, boosting your productivity and freeing you to accomplish greater things.

Yes, you may be very capable of deep-cleaning your house, but is that something that's going to keep you from getting a good workout? Visiting your mother? Writing the final chapter of the next Great American novel? And, with hourly cleaning rates as low as $12.50 an hour, you could look at it as paying yourself to get two things done in one chunk of time!

Chris and I don't have much time together during the week, so our weekends are our main source of quality time. The house needed some minor repairs and somewhat-major yard work, so Chris took to the classifieds to find someone to do it for us. Though we had to deal with some people blowing us off, we did find a few reliable folks to get tasks done in less time than it would have taken us to grunt through 'em. And it's not like we're raking in the bacon; we just put a certain value on our time together, so $10-$20 an hour is worth it to us.

And ladies, I don't know about you, but it takes FOREVER for me to wash, dry and style my hair. Enter the Blowout trend, where salons do it for you. Beauty schools will do it as cheap as $10, and I found this local beauty hub offering a special (to get you addicted to the convenience, I'm sure!).

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My point is, don't waste your life completing tasks that can be done by a professional for a steal. You are meant to achieve great things, and though a sparkling-clean kitchen might feel like a major accomplishment, I doubt it'll help further your lifelong goals.


  1. There are things I enjoy doing, fixing certain items, mowing the lawn, but I don't want to spend a Saturday afternoon, tugging stubborn weeds out of cracks in the driveway. I think some mundane tasks can be mind clearing, others are simply mind numbing

  2. Well, I do need to commend you for your handyman skills. But I'm glad you know when free time is more important than tackling these kinds of tasks!