Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's Hair-Brained Organics.

Serious doesn't look good on me. But a natural ombre, according to my stylist, does (seen here in straight and naturally wavy fashion).

"Go ombre!" my co-worker, 2News meteorologist Debbie Worthen, tells me.

"No, your natural regrowth looks good," say others.

Well, I just don't know what to do. I haven't gotten my hair done in 5-6 months, and something needs to happen. But I'm not so sure I want to color it. You know, pepper on some chemicals, and taste the rainbow? It has felt healthier than ever, and looks shiny, and has grown LONG. Maybe there's something to this au-naturale look...?

My FBF Krystle, who happens to be a hair Goddess. I love you, girl!
But, I was willing to get the expert's opinion. I trust my best friend Krystle, who's also my long-time stylist (we met in her barber's chair back in high school), with my life. And also my hair, which, at times, can seem more important.

Might I add that I LOVE going to see her, because she has a space in this wonderful place called Amber Rene salon, where from nothing but warmth and good vibes radiate. Just by being in there, I've made friends with the owner and most of the stylists, who are so cute and friendly and non-judgemental.

So, Krystle. Her work on my hair influenced the aforementioned meteorologist to start going to her, as well as the 2News news director. She's just amazing. Anyway, when I walked in today with dirty, slept-on-it-wet wavy hair, I couldn't believe that her jaw dropped to the floor. Apparently, she and all the other stylists think my natural regrowth creates the perfect, natural ombre.

Fine! I didn't want to dye it anyway.... :)

So this is the first time in my adult life when I didn't get any bleach or ammonia streaked through my hair in the name of BLONDE. Just a fresh cut - goodbye, crazy split ends! - that took some weight out of my thick hair. Oh, and Krystle, being the uh-mazing friend she is (seriously, she is so thoughtful, she'd give you her lottery win if you loaned her the buck buy the ticket), she sent me home with a "late birthday gift" (whatever, Krystle, you ALWAYS send me out the door with some awesome new, cutting edge, trendy product):


Organic stuff is the best gift ever. Seriously.
Up to this point, I've been using a single (natural) shampoo bar from LUSH cosmetics (then smoothing with MoroccanOil after a towel-dry). Now, I have a luxurious combo of shampoo/conditioner that I can feel good about...oh, and she also sent me home with a huge bottle of MoroccanOil. Dang it, K; I can't keep up!!

I'll let you know how the shampoo/conditioner works. But I've gotta say, despite most stylists' view that your hair is the one place to use 'em, I feel darn good about leaving the chemical genie in the bottle this style sesh. :)

**Order any of the aforementioned products from Krystle. Message her on Facebook!

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  1. Krystle is the best! I'm so glad my dear husband found her years ago. Congrats on going natural with your color. I haven't dyed my hair in over 2 years now. And I found I love my natural color. Why slather ourselves in chemical to be un-authentically us (until the need arises).