Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Put Your Heart All over Your Home.

Decorated with nothing but our own treasures.

I get home from work, eye twitching from my 3 a.m. call time, and crave nothing more than a warm hug from both my sweetie, and our chaise lounge. "Sidartha" is cracked open to just the right page, and if I get bored, my magic laptop is there to take me wherever I want to go without leaving the comfort of the fuzzy blanket.

When we moved in, I was set on a reading nook. The chaise lounge had always been in Chris' bedroom, where it served as a landing pad for American Eagle V-necks and Joe's Jeans. But it feels better in the corner of our living room, lit naturally by the sun, and stretched beautifully in front of a bookcase full of some of our favorite, most meaningful belongings. In fact, my first book, a self-illustrated collection of short, silly limericks, sits proudly on one of the shelves. A framed picture of Chris interviewing Donald Rumsfeld sits next to it, and a pen and ink set my sister bought me in Germany isn't too far, either. In the old days, I would keep all my "special stuff" packed away in boxes. Now, if I can't display it, I get rid of it. ...the ever-pertinent practice of detachment.

A young Chris Jones getting the big scoop even back then.

My "story book" full of ridiculousness.

Do you have a space in your home where you feel safe, cozy, nostalgic? In view of some of your very favorite things? If not, I say go on a mission to create it! It can be your kitchen, adding a few plants or special mugs on the windowsill; your office, with some photos and souvenirs surrounding your workspace; or even the bathroom, with wall art or photos and small, potted plants!

We don't need to spend money to make our homes warm and nostalgic. Oftentimes, what we have packed away in boxes would make a perfect centerpiece, accent or bookshelf ornament. I'm over buying meaningless stuff...decor always just looks better with a soul. :)

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