Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pampering the Plants that Love You Back.

Meet the Leafy Bunch: Our little family of plants amassed over two months in the new house.

Our greenlove sprouted at the 9th and 9th Smith's (by our old apartment), where Chris and I used to grocery shop. When we were out snagging supplies for a healthy Sunday dinner (scallops with white bean and bacon topping, anyone?), we'd always swipe a bouquet of discount flowers from the "manager's special" bin in the floral department. And though that's a pretty automatic accoutrement to a nice dinner, we found that we really just enjoyed the life those flowers brought to our house for the week to come.

So, the family grew.

Remember this guy from my birthday? He's gettin' big, huh?
A wedding present from my yoga guru adds life to the living room, kinda like this picture of Chris and his 'MaMa.'
Can't get enough of this guy's tropical vibe.
We'll also still have "manager's special" visitors from time to time (remember those funky-colored flowers I rescued? They're STILL alive on my windowsill).

I'm stroking one of their silky petals right now, and I feel calm, and purposeful. It's like, here are these delicate little lives I'm responsible for, who need me and love me unconditionally.

OK, I don't know if they have the capacity to love, but I choose to believe they do. :)

I wanted to love them back today, so I used some of my tricks to give them a little extra boost. 

1. Vitamin Water
After steaming veggies, I'm left with a pot full of nutrient-rich water that would be BLASPHEMY to pour down the drain. So, instead, I give my plants this densely nutritious vitamin water. Just make sure you let it cool, first. 
(This act also falls in line with how I try to water my plants with "excess" water: Water that's collected in a bowl in the sink; a guest's half-full, discarded water glass; even a leftover beer.)

2. A Cup o' Joe
Cleaning out our coffee bean grinder (yes, we're sooo fancy) daily yields a mountain of rich grounds, which I dry for a day on a paper towel and then put to use in multiple ways. One of those ways is sprinkling on my plants' soil. The nitrogen in the grounds is a great mineral for plant growth! And not only are the grounds a natural pesticide, but also a fertilizer that makes for faster absorbtion of nutrients.

3. Singin' in the Rain
On a rainy day, I like to let my plants go au naturale! I get 'em all outside to bathe their leaves in and soak up the natural stuff. 

4. Talk the Talk 
Just when I think I'm ready to finally try this, I get into a gigglefest the moment the first words stumble out of my mouth..."How was your day?" Die. Laughing. And I haven't even gotten into my good material: "Damn, check out the stems on you! Don't ever leaf me!"  :)

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