Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our New Gray Bedroom for $200

It's the color of Fall.
I've been coveting the color ever since we moved into our new house.
And finally, after taking care of more pressing home projects, Chris and I got to incorporate the color while decorating our bedroom.
We like simple, so we didn't do any major overhaul. In fact, we just hung curtains (which makes the small window behind our bed look HUGE), bought a comforter and gray duvet, and some bedside artistic lights. (Anyone need to check their vision?)

Duvet and pillow cases, $49.99 - IKEA

Down Alternative Comforter, $39.99 - IKEA

Curtains + rods, $30 - IKEA

Wall panel lights, $39.99 (x 2)

+ Existing bedframe, nightstands, dresser, and black wall mirror


A collaboration of masculine and feminine.
The pattern adds the style, while we keep everything else simple.
I love the punch of plum, too!
But what I love more is Chris and I collaborated on this project. He was just as involved as I was.
(I have to laugh at those Pinterest bedrooms that have girly vinyl stickers on the wall and doily decor; what man would feel at home in a room like that?)
But I was never worried that a collaboration with Chris would be difficult. I mean, the guy has sophisticated taste like no other, and his eye for aesthetic (just look at how he dresses) is wayy better than mine.
Now, we share this sexy new bedroom.
Makes me feel like I'm living the song "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers.

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