Friday, October 26, 2012

Often, Good Choices Are Rewarded.

How can self-deprivation turn into abundance? I could insert an Amanda Theory here but, honestly, I don't know.

But it happened.

A well-meaning breakfast seemed like bad news to me.
Yesterday marked the start of "November Sweeps," an important ratings period for television (we tally the number of viewers so we know our standing in the market, as well as how much we can charge for ads). To get us motivated, the sales team at KUTV makes a Start of Sweeps breakfast, and boy, do they go all out. Bacon, STEAK, muffins, donuts, hashbrowns, Chris would say, "the full monty."

While incredibly grateful for this morale boost, I turn it down. I instead eat my Greek yogurt parfait for breakfast (actually, when you wake up at 3:30 a.m., 9 a.m. is technically lunch), missing out on the fluffy scrambled eggs and mouthwatering Costco croissants.

I felt like I lost out...but that didn't last long.

When Fresh Living started taping, I got to mingle with registered dietician Jessica LaRoche, who was featuring healthy Halloween snacks on the show. She brought snacks that pack a wicked nutritional punch, stressing the importance of fruit, nuts and whole grains instead of sugar-laden candy. So this year, why don't you try her Healthier Halloween ideas:

I'm more intrigued than freaked out by this healthy Halloween snack.
The Freaky Fingers, Ghost Bananas, and Eerie Eyeballs lack the scary calorie count.

• Serve only one or two of your favorite sugary snacks, like cupcakes.
• Include activities that take the focus off foo:  costume parades, making paper plate masks, bobbing for apples.
• Snack ideas:
o Apple cider instead of soda
o Chocolate covered almonds
o Air-popped popcorn or kettle corn
o Pumpkin seeds
o "Ghost bananas"- 1/4 banana with Cheerios for eyes and mouth
o "Eerie eyeballs"- layer dried apple, dried apricot, and raisins
o "Freaky finger"- 1/2 string cheese, light cream cheese, green bell pepper
o Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (pumpkin is first ingredient-vitamin A)

Well, looking at all this healthy food made me SUPER grateful that I didn't binge on carbs and fats when I had the chance. I avoided fatigue, too many calories, and probably a stomach ache.

And the best part is, Jessica let us keep all the food she brought. So I went home with plenty of fruit leather, raisins, kettle corn and peanut butter, which - in my opinion - have a more powerful indulgent factor than greasy taters anyway.

Not only did I not miss out, but I banked some great groceries, plus the affirmation that I have the power to choose what's best for my body.

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  1. There is just something about those ghost bananas that crack me up.