Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Husband's Past is Like a Movie.

Chris Jones logging and writing on-the-scene in a KUTV satellite truck.
 Chris Jones may be a well-known reporter now, with the experiences and resources to deliver stories of international interest (remember the POWELL case? Chris' coverage made national headlines), but where he started is a far cry from fully stocked live trucks and a Monday-Friday shift.

Hired right out of college (granted, it was one of the best journalism schools in the country), my husband became a bureau chief for a Mississippi news station. For three and a half years, he was on-call around the clock, covering stories that took him into dark corners you and I can only imagine.

I was so glad to see this talented person pen some of these mindblowing experiences in his latest blog post. His picture-painting writing takes you right to this downright horrific scene, and - not wanting to picture my sweetie suffering through something like that - it feels more like a movie, than a piece of his past. It's definitely worth a read.

Confession: I just read his post again. I just really couldn't be prouder of this man, who has worked hard through some pretty unfavorable conditions (and this guy doesn't complain. It's ridiculous). The people he's met, the things he's seen, the situations he's handled...these all surely contributed to how he treats stories and their subjects with sensitivity, and focuses on telling a narrative instead of simprattling off emotionless facts.

Every night at 10 p.m., as Mark and Shauna announce, "Chris Jones has more on this story for us..." I just smile, because I know what I'm about to watch is a piece of his passion with a spectrum of experience written all over it.


  1. He kinda sounds like a pompous jerk to me.

  2. Amanda it is crazy how in love you seem. You really found your guy. I'm so happy for you. Thinking back to playing games in elementary it is hard to believe we would end up here... Grown up and happy. Love you.