Saturday, October 27, 2012

'I Quit Money.'

Could you imagine quitting money? Meaning, neither earning or accepting money, nor spending it? Taking only what is given or set out as waste? Using only items already in motion in the world?

Daniel Suelo did it. 12 years ago, he left his last $30 in a phone booth and walked away toward a life of freeganism.

And he's here in Salt Lake today - having hitchhiked from his cave home in Moab - to tell us about it.

Chris and I are going to go see him speak at the City Library at 3 p.m. After watching this video, I'm excited to see what else he has to say.

This concept of refusing this idea of money, capitalism, and generally, a life lived for material things..intrigues me to no end! I aim to be a meager consumer, but living without money? Now that's dedication.

Read Daniel's blog here.


  1. Working@The Road Home last year totally opened my mind to true characters who are the most resourceful and entertaining earthlings around ❤ It’s Henry David Thoreau attitude and this guy’s embracing it. WICKED!!!
    There’s a special section@TRH and the Director is so fine. He works harder than hell to rescue what’s considered “The worst of the worst" in homelessness. Jon Chi is a passionately brilliant and determined man. His goal with an amazing and cool team is to help these people move back into society with support. The people he finds have been living for 10-20 years in sheds and incredibly small nooks and crannies throughout the city. True SURVIVORS ★
    After the team locates them, they move into apartments and they’re given provisions and a case manager. Many of them aren’t familiar with how to open doors and other small acts that most of us take for granted.
    I asked him one time if maybe it was better if they didn’t move away from their hive and the place they knew as home??? He looked off in the distance and said quietly, “I wonder too.”
    I felt kinda bad to blow the cover off and be so brutally honest but it’s who I am. Curious about everything!!! You’re like that too stylin’ Amanda. :•) We’re journalists but I’ve NEVER been a writer until LAME graduate school. Now I can’t stop the flow and it’s TORTURE. Save me friend from a sea of grey copy… UGH.
    LoveU. MissU and always excited to read what’s up your sleeve. You’re a gem… ♬

  2. Rhonda! Suelo did actually say he was influenced by Henry David Thoreau...and also, JESUS! (how Jesus REALLY lived back then).\

    OK, what an interesting concept - not moving these folks from their makeshift homes! Wow, I'm glad you brought that up. It's always good to raise questions that inspire thinking! You are so talented at thinking purely, without societal stereotypes!

    That sea of grey's got me hooked, too! But as long as we live a little in between our keystrokes, that's ok.

    Love and miss you, too - and thank you for your boundless encouragement. You are my soul sistah! And an inspiration for authentic living.