Monday, October 8, 2012

Hulk's (Impromptu) Low-carb Fajitas

Carb Smart: We like to 'drink' the tortilla!
Cube two organic chicken breasts
Slice red, yellow and green peppers (to your preference)
Slice 1/4 red onion
Sear chicken in an olive-oil spread pan
Add veggies
Add pepper and garlic salt to taste

Chris and I literally came up with this recipe as we cooked it...scanning our fridge and spice racks for complementary tastes and aromas. Even the side of steamed zucchini was an afterthought. So imagine how IMPRESSED we were with ourselves when we bit into a savory, south-of-the-border dish worthy of a best friend's dinner party! And you could roll these up in a tortilla, but honestly, it doesn't need it. (So do what we did, and drink your carbs instead!)

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