Monday, October 8, 2012

Bucking Tradition, Because Wedding Receptions Suck.

It's expensive to make a wedding look this simple. That's why we went simple simple.

Shot glasses of milk topped with petite, white-chocolate chip cookies. Antique-store chandeliers hung on orchard trees surrounding rustic tables. Groomsmen in bowties whose argyle socks shout out from under too-short pants.

Our wedding reception party this weekend held none of these elements.Yet it was the most memorable party of my life, and seemed to make an impression on our close friends and family, too.


Cardstock invitations from VistaPrint + postage - $100
Venue - $0 (backyard)
Photographer - $0 (cell phones...hello, Instagram!) 
Catering - $0 (potluck...I know, that's a little hipster)
16 bottles of red and white wine @ $3.99 each - $64
Basic sandwiches, beer and other beverages from Costco - $174
Serveware, acrylic cups and cutlery - $25
Decor (string lights - HUGE aesthetic for minor cost/effort, btw) - $50
Linens, tables and chairs - $0 (borrowed)
DJ - $0 (Spotify playlist)
No bridesmaid dresses, fumbly first dance, awkward speeches or cake-smearing - PRICELESS

Though the affair was simple, there were no fewer laughs; no less of a wedding "vibe"; not even any fewer compliments, which tells me that even though we skipped the gourmet snow cone bar and mini-topiary placecard holders, as long as your friends and family are there and comfortable, they'll leave with fond memories second only to the ones made that night by you and your spouse.


PS I hope my party/wedding-planning bestie Mara didn't read this. And if you did, please forgive me for my incessant simplicity!

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