Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Be Happy, Now.

Chris and I found a Netflix gem last night. A lover of documentaries, we found ourselves browsing through the genre, and stopped on an icon labeled simple, "Happy."

It's a movie I feel everyone should watch.

Released in 2011 to an onslaught of critical acclaim, this documentary explores what makes humans happy all over the world, lending insight on how a rickshaw driver living in a lean-to in India can feel boundless joy, while so many well-to-do Americans choose to be slaves to the "hedonic treadmill," i.e. the cycle of wanting "more."
I appreciate that this film includes both clinical facts from neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as inspirational stories from people who are genuinely happy. Watching it, I realized that happiness is real (and as measurable as depression!), and that there are ways to exercise it.

I can recount them now to you (acts of kindness, gratitude, social interaction), but the movie frames them in such perfect context that they avoid sounding cliche. So, I encourage you to watch this film the next time you have an hour. The film inspired me to make happiness a priority from the moment I wake up, because if we see the day in a sunny way, our rays of light will spread to our fellow humans, and heal the world one smile at a time.

Yes, I really feel that sappy, most of the time. :)

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