Monday, October 22, 2012

Friends with an Ex?

Should one be friends with his or her exes? I don't think so. I just don't see how any good comes of it, and I don't think it's respectful to the one you're with. But...what about being friends with your husband's exes? Well, now that's a fine idea!

Chris told me his ex was a blogger, a really famous one, and that they're still friends on Facebook. I was a little leary of this, until I got to know her more through both Chris' stories...and her own, from her blog. It also didn't hurt that she seemed head-over-heels happily married, and more inclined to pour her little ones their chocolate almond milk than strike up some Facebook flirt with my man.

Then one day, I started this blog. It felt good, and easy; just the right thing to do. So I start entertaining the thought of making a living at it. So... Chris' ex, Monica, is blogging's exalted poster child (she is on, like, five huge parenting sites plus runs her own, personal blog...all of which are on my Google Reader - PLUS she's been named top blogger like a million times) so I send her a Facebook message asking all these stupid questions that I know better than to think they'll get answered. Why would a big-time gal like that take the time to help me, this random girl married to her ex who doesn't have a thing to offer her?

Well, she's one class act. Because not only does she write back right away, but she gives me the LOW. DOWN. Everything. The textbook of blogging. I am floored. Grateful. Hungry for more!

We strike up a dialogue and the honing begins. I add pictures to my site. Make it more personal. Do TV segments pitching to my blog. All of these: Her recommendations.

But on top of her advice, I've enjoyed Monica's quippy humor, profound Rolladex of verbs, career advice steeped in years of journalism experience, and her ever-kind ear...which seems to have heard it before, and is willing to offer a solution.

So, friends with exes? Maybe sometimes it's okay...

...especially when they seem stocked with good intention.

**And look, she tried the Roasted Chickpea recipe!!

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