Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Sweater Sock Cuffs (using an orphaned sock!)

The "boot sock" trend is taking over.

They're as common as the lint in your dryer, and pretty much just as useless. Until now.

I finally found a use for orphaned socks.

Throwing away one half of my beloved pair of H&M sweater socks is just simply out of the question. You would hold on to the thing, too, if you saw how cute they looked last winter, poking out of boots!

Well, I'm a genius. I figured out a way to get that same high-sock-and-boot look (SUPER TRENDY RIGHT NOW), with half the material! And there's a perk - they feel way less bunchy. Check out how easy it is to make these sweater cuffs!

Cut the toe off the sock
Fold it in half
Cut where the "half" mark is
Slip it over your jeans!

*You can also use the arm of an old sweater*

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