Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Done Sucking In.

Hey, Belly, you wanna hang out? Oh, literally? That's OK, too.
I haven't really worked out, besides twice-maybe-thrice-a-week yoga, for about a month now. And, uncharacteristic of my typical Hulk mentality, I haven't been too hard on myself for it. My body isn't tight or buff, but I still feel the muscle clinging to my frame, even if it is under a little extra cush.

'i look horrible,' I remember telling Chris right before I had this epiphany. I don't usually vocalize those thoughts, but I figured I should acknowledge my lack of sweatfests.

'Absolutely not!' he retorted. 'You're gorgeous.'

Well, I chose to believe it. And, after some thought (or getting rid of thought), I am inspired to KNOW it.

I find myself more accepting of my body in this moment than when I was CrossFitting three times a week. I guess maybe since I've taken myself out of the spotlight of the gym, I've settled into it, and parted ways on some level with judgement. Like, I have this impossibly cute, little belly right now that I've decided to become friends with. I touch it and rub it and let it stick out. And it's not that I'm letting myself go - I have been conscious of my food - but I am giving my body the rest that (I guess) it is demanding. August and September were incredibly intense (marriage, new house, travel, taking on new responsibility, resolving family issues, etc.) So, sometimes, we get a break.

Tonight, I did attend a power yoga sesh, but still, I see no treadmills for me in the near future.

I have this feeling that maybe my body's preparing me for a future event, that may require me to devote less time to myself...

Whatever it is, I choose to accept my beautiful, one of a kind body in the mean time. It's the only one I've got, and we better get along for the long haul.


  1. i'm on an exercise respite right now and honestly, i feel great! i NEEDED it. our bodies know what they need and we just need to listen, i guess. and positive reinforcement from my hubby hasn't hurt either :)

  2. You've always looked incredibly beautiful and fit. Congratulations on seeing it for yourself!

  3. well phrased! I love that. And Sarah, thank you. I know you are being sincere so that means the world! So good to hear from you both!

  4. Right there with you! Love this post. :)

  5. "Future event"? I know right where my mind went. And if I'm right then you had better make best friends with your poochy belly cuz it ain't going anywhere. Which, by the way, your little belly is currently non-existent.

  6. YAY, MJ! Thank you!

    Monica...I'm smiling right now. I love your comment about how it doesn't go away! But then again, how would you know? You are TINY!