Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beauty Pros: Eyebrows and Ombre

The set at our TV station brims with beautiful people all day long. But few are more aesthetically pleasing than the lovely and talented Kari Hawker, a well-known local actress and spokesperson (she and I actually have the same agent;definitely not on her level yet, but I aspire!). Not only is Kari great on-camera, but she struts stylish outfits from her own closet, and manages her own runway-ready hair and makeup. So I shouldn't have been surprised that today, when she came on KUTV's daytime show, "Fresh Living" for Ford, she caught my eye with her bang-up brows.

Kari Hawker's brows have more arch than a Louboutin.
 "I think brows open up your whole face," She tells me sweetly, after shyly laughing off my "UH-mazing brows!!" comment. 

That's why she takes her time with them: Shaping the arch with a facial razor; dying them a shade that makes her eyes pop; touching them up with eyebrow pencil and powder; and highlighting the arch with a touch of light shadow.

And as you can see, we'll need the "perfect blush," "sophisticated pony," and "luscious lips" tutorial from Kari in later blogs. :)

Speaking of amazing eyebrows, another KUTV regular has a pair of show-stoppers. Jodi Winterton, our regular Gold's Gym spokeswoman whose pencil skirts likely make our photogs stare - tweezes her own brows, then uses a drugstore eyebrow pencil in light blonde to fill them in.

Jodi's brows are proof that you can make them beautiful on your own.

And check out her ombre. It's incredibly well done (by her cousin, Tina Gleason, in Morgan, UT). It's not too dark, so she still looks blonde. I just might steal her look...as long as the hue comes naturally from Organic Color Systems , of course! (Let me know if you want a list of local salons that use it.)

Oh my OMBRE! I'll sure be taking this pic to my stylist...
My job is chock-full of inspiration, and today it was in the beauty realm. So, now, who has a pair of tweezers?

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