Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 Reasons to Date an Older Man.

Chris and I are sitting at the table after breakfast, sipping coffee and browsing news on the web.

"This article says, '10 Reasons to Date Someone Younger,'" he muses.

"Hm. What about dating someone older?" I ask. "What does the article say?"

"Let me get my glasses."

 We both chuckle at the irony, and the smile sticks on my face as I watch the arms of his spectacles slide over his gray-flecked hair. It's moments like these where I get a grateful glint in my eye as I swoon over my own personal George Clooney (except wayyyy more attractive and interesting).

Chris is 17 years older than me. Just a few years younger than my dad (can't say my dad's too happy about that...) I've been told that my soul tests older than its 26-year-old body, but there are so many other reasons why this older man is perfect for me. And I believe most women would benefit from being the kitten (aka younger woman) to a handsome, loving "rhino." Here are 10 reasons why (in no particular order):

10. He's both dad ("Let's change your car battery") and husband ("I'll take out the trash, honey") in one. 


9. He's spent years tuning up his bedroom bravado, so when he gets to you, it's a beautiful symphony.


8. You'll always be his "younger woman" (and he'll always be your dreamy "older man!")


7. If he has kids, they're probably older, and if he doesn't, he won't waste any time making a baby with you.


6. He's already seen all the "crazy" women can muster, so he's patient and sensitive when your emotions get the best of you.


5. He makes decisions, and usually, really good ones. 


4. In that vein, he also gives really good advice, grounded in life experience. 


3. After going through the work-hard, party-hard stage of his 20s and 30s, he has steadied his work-life balance to include both career and leisure; trading long hours and late nights at the bar for a family-friendly schedule, steady income, nice dinners and vacations. 


2. He's not afraid to brag about you, stick up for you, protect you, fight for you.


 1. While all his exes loathe you, all his friends love you.

Is that 10 already? Wow, I could go on and on! Are any of you dating/married to an older man (besides most of the women in my family)? If so, tell me if you agree with these in the comments!

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