Monday, September 24, 2012

Veggie Challenge: Side Dishes Under 300 Cals.

Can you believe that's KALE in there?
What do you do with a boatload of Costco veggies that could go bad quicker than coffee gets cold? Find freaky ways to mask their flavor to make them easily edible, of course

Mr. Jones playfully makes fun of my Mad Scientist sensibilities when it comes to kitchen creations. But today, as an empty stomach begs for a palatable way to eat those greens, I believe my oddball creativity bore fruit of tasty origins.

Here are a couple combos I put together using just what was in the refrigerator door.

HULK-sized bag of baby kale + this dressing (40 cals per 2 tblsp)

+ canned beets, goat cheese crumbles (80 cals per ounce) and strawberries = 
Less than 300 calories, yet brandishes more flavor than a quinceanera.

Then, we have this:

Another HULK-sized bag of veggies; this time, broccoli florets.

Steamed + raspberry vinaigrette + canned beets + leftover quinoa =

A sweet, texture- and protein-packed bit o' broccoli.

 Alright, bring on the next dish! I'm getting good at this. How about these random sweet potatoes I thought I'd bake and gnaw on? Let's make 'em tasty!

Just cut into cubes, simmer in Tikka Masala sauce from Costco, and serve over leftover veggies and quinoa!

**Sweet potatoes are loaded with benefits. My former nutritionist let me eat loads of these sweet morsels because they're low-glycemic, and contain anti-aging "cartenoids." Yum!

Chris introduced me to this sauce. He is obsessed, now I am, too.

So good, you'll eat only this for three days, at least.

Ah...all veggies are accounted for; spiced up and made fit for human consumption. Because rabbit food is great, but guess what? Sprucing it up with a bit of vitamin-packed enhancement aims to improve your health, not wreck your diet.

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