Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cure for a Bruised Ego is Sometimes...Bieber.

My ego got hurt today. It sucked, and I was sad, and I was mad at myself for a little while, but once I gave those emotions permission to leave, they washed away a layer of that, quite honestly, had to go. What stayed behind was a more authentic me; now allowed to shine a bit more without such heavy oppression from Herr Ego (i.e., the person I told myself I was).

So, today has been introspective; rediscovering that person under the ego, through a non-judgmental lens helmed by understanding and compassion. (Yourself is sometimes the hardest person to love).

I gave myself a hug and told myself that I love myself (which is not only a fun sentence to say, but the action itself is a really cool, empowering thing. Sounds dumb but how often do you really give yourself that kind of acknowledgement? You're allowed to think you're the bomb, you know. :)

Before you think I'm going all "trust fall" on you, let me tell you that part of my Ego Death Mourning Day also included indulgence of most unsavory ilk. Non-organic, not purposeful, even downright disgusting (wait till you see my music choice) guilty pleasures. But hey, if a guilty pleasure will stop you from guilting yourself out of self-love, I say do it.
There's no way these are natural. But they're PWETTY.
Mindless cleaning: Easy way to kill HOURS.

I don't even die for these, but they were around, and they're good, for chocolates.

Coconut water is my baby.
I fell for the song, 'As Long As You Love Me' without realizing it was The Biebs. Damnit.

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