Saturday, September 15, 2012

Organic Beauty Products Can Irritate, Too.

My face went code red last night.

Splotches and a few forehead hives: Likely the result of using a particular moisturizer after a face mask.

It was the first time I used my regular face products after returning from Thailand, where the only thing I used on my face PERIOD was Giovanni D:Tox wipes and (occasionally) Clearasil wipes (not green at all, admittedly). I just used the jungle's humidity as my moisturizer.

My skin loves these, but the environment doesn't. :/

But last night in the shower, I used my typical face cleanser, a chemical-free mud mask made with Ayurvedic herbs and Indian clay (make your own). (*PS - Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy that prescribes specific foods and herbs for your energy type. It's fascinating! Dr. Oz actually has a cool article on its health benefits.). The stuff's pretty potent, making your skin feel spicy when it's on, and scourged when it's off...the perfect zit zapper. 

Well, apparently, I should have used a milder moisturizer afterward because when I used my normal kind, organic Giovanni D:Tox replenishing facial moisturizer, potent in its own right from a blend of strong antioxidants, my face started screaming at me. 

Two rights can sometimes make a wrong.

WebMD confirms that most beauty products on the market contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions on your skin. But that's the reason I use green products! So how come my skin shone glowy and clear while I was using the chemical crap in Thailand, yet red and blotchy when I returned to my green routine? 

Maybe it was the detox element. Maybe my skin was laden with the chemicals from the Clearasil, so rejected the organic stuff. Or maybe, my skin became so sensitive from using so little product, that the use of two potent ones proved harmful. I wish I knew the answer. I'll keep researching and update you if I find anything! Again, sorry for the lack of info...just wanted to let folks know this could happen.

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  1. Yep I need to meet with you. I also have rags that clean your face/body just with water and it removes all of your makeup and bacteria. I used to always have at least one zit and I haven't had one since I've used these (other than the beginning when it pulls everything out).